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Gatlinburg Goes Green!is a voluntary educational program that recognizes Member businesses that have made a commitment to continuously improve their operations in order to reduce their environmental impact.  This program allows Member businesses to evaluate their operations, set goals, and take specific actions towards environmental, social and economic sustainability. 

The “Gatlinburg Goes Green!” program is the product of a group of concerned business owners and citizens of the City of Gatlinburg who are dedicated to keep Gatlinburg a Great Place to Live, Work and Visit.  With Great Smoky Mountains National Park, an International Biosphere, as our backyard that millions of guests visit each year, it is important that the environmental impact from humans is as small as possible.  This program in its initial conception is a first step towards making a green difference. The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce along with the Green Workgroup will continue to educate Chamber Members on the progressive steps necessary for improving their business’ environmental impact. 

How Does A Business Participate? Any Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce Member in good standing may participate.  Members wishing to participate must complete the Program Participation Agreement, either online or on paper, and then complete a comprehensive Checklist to be evaluated in order to attain one of four levels: Entry Level, Bronze Level, Silver Level or Gold Level. There are five different checklists for businesses depending on the daily operations of that business: Accommodations, Amusements, Professional Services, Retail and Schools.

The Goal of the Program in 2009 was to have 75% of the Membership businesses as members of Gatlinburg Goes Green by the Annual Banquet on November 16, 2009. The Chamber was proud to announce that it reached the goal in honor of the 75th Anniversary of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In 2010, the Chamber surpassed the goal of having 10% of Gatlinburg Goes Green members at the Bronze participation level and above.

The Program Participation Agreement is a simple signup form asking for business contact information. Signing the Agreement makes the business a "new signup" member of the program.

The Checklist provides nine fields in which the participating evaluates current efforts that the business has taken to improve its impact on the environment.  Points are awarded in each and will be used by the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce to recognize Member businesses that are making a difference. Should a business make improvements during the year they are welcome to submit an updated checklist.

  • Fields where Green Points can be obtained.
  • Communication and Education
  • Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycle
  • Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Management
  • Water Conservation and Wastewater Management
  • Air Quality
  • Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Management
  • Transportation
  • Purchasing
  • Local Community Benefits

Gatlinburg Goes Green Activities:
Swap Shop: The Swap Shop is a materials exchange site for members to trade unused and unwanted items. Anything from electronics to craft materials to leftover paint can be posted and exchanged here.

Earth Day Festival: The Earth Day Festival is held annually during Earth Week. The Festival features local music, food and eco-friendly crafts and activities.

Educational Events: Educational meetings, luncheons, ceremonies or seminars are held throughout the year. The Chamber holds regular educational seminars for the membership and will continue to partner with the City and State on various events.

City Initiatives: The City has a recyclables collection center at the Recycling Collection Center at 1855 Parkway. Collectable materials include cardboard, plastic, motor oil and rechargeable batteries.

Sevier Solid Waste, Inc: All properly disposed of garbage in Gatlinburg and Sevier County goes to the Sevier Solid Waste composting plant in Pigeon Forge. At this state-of-the-art facility, at least 60% of waste is either recycled or becomes compost that is free to the community. This means as much as 70% of our garbage is not going into the landfill!

If you are a Chamber Member and you wish to sign up to make your commitment, please click on the links below to print out your forms or contact Vicki Simms for more information at (865) 436-4178 ext 111.

Gatlinburg Goes Green Fact Sheet (45 kb PDF)
Accommodations Program Checklist (213 kb PDF)
Attractions Program Checklist (206 kb PDF)
Professional Program Checklist (206 kb PDF)
Restaurants Program Checklist (206 kb PDF)
Retail Program Checklist (209 kb PDF)
Schools Program Checklist (204 kb PDF)

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